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    I was not aware I was a sorceress until I met other sorceresses who welcomed me as their sister. Before then I thought I was a very strange human being. Now I see that I am just an ordinary sorceress. I am shocked at the lack of imagination of modern culture to bring people to life in their true calling so they can serve society from beyond its edge. Now that I can stand on that edge, I dedicate myself to reaching over to my brother and sister edgeworkers and calling them back into action, even if they are afraid to show up in their true power again, even if they forgot that not knowing how to do it does not matter. When I can deliver clarity that ignites unquenchably sparkling eyes and a committed voice from other young people I regain hope for a bright future for humanity.

  • Events, Workshops & Trainings 2018

    BOOM! Festival - in Portugal, 22 to 19 July with Clinton Callahan

    Delivering workshops at the Liminal Village and the Being Fields (the healing area of the Boom! Festival), plus healing sessions during the famous Boom! Festival in Portugal. See you there!

    GEN Conference - in Lilleoru, 8 to 14 July, with Clinton Callahan

    Delivering workshops, talks, and healing sessions at the Global Ecovillage Network yearly Conference in Lilleoru, Estonia. The Conference is the world’s biggest gathering of ecovillages and sustainable communities to co-creat the transition to a more sustainable world.

    Possibility Village Lab (French translator) - 21 Jun to 1 July,

    delivered with Anne Schmid & Clinton Callahan

    Possibility Village Lab delivered in English, German and French in Zurich, Switzerland.

    In Possibility Labs you change your relationship to inner blocks by getting deep insights into your true needs and hidden purposes.

    Expand the Box (2) & Possibility Village Lab - Mallorca, 3 to 7 May & 9 to 13 May

    by Clinton Callahan & Anne Schmid

    Repeating the Expand the Box training.

    Move Training - in Bad Boll, 18 to 22 April with Clinton Callahan

    For the second Move Training with the group of young energized visionaries from Demokratische Stimme Der Jugend, we will deepen the context of their Gameworld and continue empowering their gameworld building skills.

    Social Change Conference - 14 to 22 April

    organise by Birte Vehrs, interview with Clinton Callahan & Michael Poertner

    Birte Vehrs created the Social Change Conference out of frustration and need of possibility to live in the world she wants. In our online interview, Clinton Callahan and I talk about initiation in modern time, collective trauma and specifically patriarchy, resonance, modern culture, money and more! Join for free Social Change Online Conference here.

    Sword and Chocolate - in Bielefed, 5 - 7&8 April with Clinton Callahan

    It is possible to create secure time and space which you can relax and open up to life. It is possible to negotiate mutually inspiring arrangement that invoke enthusiastic vulnerability and precious trusting connection. Learning these tools does not take so long and is fun to practice. New skills comes from new distinctions.

    Work-talk: 7:30-22h, 10 euros. Workshop: 9-18h Sat, 9-16h, 263 euros

    Registration with Anne-Chloe Destremau: at annechloe.destremau@gmail.com

    Sword and Chocolate - in Ravensburg, 2 to 3 March with Clinton Callahan

    It is possible to create secure time and space which you can relax and open up to life. It is possible to negotiate mutually inspiring arrangement that invoke enthusiastic vulnerability and precious trusting connection. Learning these tools does not take so long and is fun to practice. New skills comes from new distinctions.

    Work-talk: 20-22h, 9 euros. Workshop: 9-18h, 83 euros

    Registration with Susanne Hutzler: +4916090966553; susanne.hutzler@gmail.com

    Move Training - in Bad Boll, 16 to 18 Feb with Clinton Callahan

    Clinton and I delivered a 3-day Move Lab to an amazing dynamic group of young gameworld builders. The group "Demokratische Stimme der Jugend eV" gives young people a voice and a stage through which they announce their ideas for a better world.

    Contact: Simon Hoffmann


    Possibility Lab (participant) - 3 to 8 Jan 2018

    delivered by Nicola Nagel, Patrizia Patz, and Michael Hallinger

    Possibility Labs are brilliantly clear and profoundly safe spaces for transformation and healing. In Possibility Labs your personality Box expands with adulthood initiatory processes, novel soft skills, radical responsibility and stellated archetypes, connecting you to the inner resources that launch you into a meaningful and adult life.

    Expand The Box (participant) - 19 to 21 Jan 2018

    delivered by Michaela Kaiser & Michael Poertner

    Expand The Box is the core training for Possibility Management: a safe and astonishing learning environment for upgrading traditional thinking and behaviors. Expand The Box is a paradigm shift. It’s a training where you reinvent who you are, where you learn things you were not taught in school.

    Avalon Training (participant) - 3 to 8 Jan 2018 delivered by Alanja Forsberg, Tom Slater & Tataya Radke with the Possibility Management Trainer Guild

    As human beings we all long to taste our own greatness and to connect meaningfully with others. In Avalon, we fulfill this longing by exploring self-leadership and compassionate connection. We do this through specific practices that let us experience complete self-acceptance and that allow us to fine-tune our subtle perception of how we interact together. Here, wholly new possibilities arise — for ourselves and others.

  • Services

    Possibility Coaching

    During a possibility coaching, we focus on your specific issue using Possibility Management tools.

    Healing Session during Festivals, Conferences and Seminars

    Possibility Team

    A Possibility Team is a regular, sheltered space to listen to, speak out about, and receive new opportunities. Ask your questions and say what you want to say. New perspectives, creative exchange and collaboration in the team provide further opportunities to meet the challenges of life in a different way. Here you have a team that supports you.


    In Possibility Team, we discover, explore, and practice implementing the many thousands of thoughtmaps, exercises, skills, and distinctions of Possibility Management. It is a space where we discover how big Possibility Management actually is and to build practical experience using it on a regurlar basis with feedback and coaching from your team. High-level Fun!


    Wherever I go, I look for teams of possibility managers. I might reach out to you if we find ourselves in the same area!

    Practice Trainer Skills

  • Selected Articles

    A selection of wild writing pieces inspired by my daily life. Enjoy!


    Did you ever wake up with an impression that this is going to be ‘one of those days’?

    The alarm didn’t go off. Your important meeting starts in fifteen minutes so you are already late. There is no time for coffee and you don’t have anything to wear. Your hair is a mess and you don’t have time to take a shower and anyway your shower broke down yesterday. The plumber said there is no hot water for a week…

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    I tap my phone to see what time it is. It’s 5:48 am — nothing unusual. I sense a void inside my throat. It wants to fill up with a soft but forceful wave coming from my belly, a kind of presence inside my stomach dying to splash out into the world, but it dies in my mouth. I choose to formulate the energy into words — inaccurate, sloppy words. The sounds coming out...

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    “If it is not impossible, why bother doing it?” Lee Lozowick would say.

    If something is possible, it means you or someone else has already done it before. Otherwise, how would you know that it is possible?

    And if something has already been done, why would you want to do the exact same thing again? Do you think that will fulfil the deepest longings that are throbbing away in your heart and soul? Do you think it will feed you the way you have been dreaming of for so long?

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    Website, game, training, ...

    Modern Women in Next Culture

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